Idea : Find an ambulance nearest to you

March 15, 2015 - Idea, Random Thoughts, Technology

With a built-in GPS system and location sharing in place, apps from most popular tax aggregators or India’s top cab companies track their cars (or cabs) and customers in real-time as well as process booking requests from customers instantly.

While placing booking request using apps, Now most cab companies (preferably Ola Cabs my favorite cab service) shows the cabs nearest to you available in expected average wait time based on the GPS system.

Let’s say, I launch my Olacabs app with GPS enabled. Then it picks my current location using GPS and shows the following available modes of transport under RIDE NOW option. It looks something like this :

As a customer, I can pick one of them which is nearest to me or based on the type of cab that I am willing to travel. Immediately I will get a quick confirmation whether any driver nearby has accepted my request for a ride or not.

Considering the advancement in technology and smart phone with GPS enabled usage by both cab drivers and customers, top cab operators in India is able to assign a cab nearest to you (if available) which will reach you in some expected average waiting time.

However, I don’t see any app/service to find an ambulance nearest to you. As I know, only option left to the patient or patient’s family or patient’s well wishers is to call 108 or call some hospital to arrange for a ambulance for pickup. I appreciate the services provided by 108 ambulance service by State Government but I don’t know how much time it really takes to pickup the patient and how the system works. I don’t know whether it provides any tracking mechanism like the top cab operators in India does.

When some meets with a road accident or any medical emergency, this kind of service can be utilized by someone to alert the ambulance service provider to pickup the patient at the earliest by choosing the nearest ambulance based on the GPS location.

When top cab operators can serve their customers quickly, I wish to see a similar app for ambulance booking that lets you find an ambulance nearest to you with an expected average waiting time rather than calling so many numbers OR not knowing how much time an ambulance from 108 or an hospital will take to reach OR unable to track the ambulance.

I think it would be an easy option for top cab companies to pitch in and help the citizens by extending their services to include Ambulance booking in the future. Of course, any NGOs or startups or individuals can come forward to develop a smartphone app to help the needy people at the right time to help them to get the proper medication on time without any hassles.